The Title Came First…Getting Ready

unnamed-1┬áThe title for this blog came to me as I was sitting on an MTA express bus while blotting a gash I had just acquired after tripping UP the stairs while trying to board wearing a brace on my right leg. I dragged myself into the free set of seats in the second row and began my mini-pity-party. Then I thought about how stupid I was being because after all, my condition is temporary (this, too, shall pass – as they say). I will be in some form of cast for nearly the entire summer. But then, I get my foot back. There are many who aren’t that lucky.

So because I have a benevolent boss, I will be allowed to work from home which will keep my mind focused and make me feel less disconnected from my professional life. That aside, I have been brainstorming ways to keep myself sane while trapped for 8-10 weeks in a non-weight-bearing┬ástate while waiting for my bones to fuse. So – I thought I might take you all along with me on this little detour to my normal life.

This blog will not be whiney (ok, realistically, I’ll probably whine. Occasionally). It will not be an endless recap of complicated medical jargon fraught with the potential to leave you all comatose. It will not be maudlin. Rather, I will inject my usual observations on life (those of you who have followed my Ferry Diaries posts know what I mean) with both honesty and humor. I also hope to bring a little more attention to some of the struggles that the less-able-bodied among us face on a regular basis.

Now, to the picture that accompanies this post…

Last summer, at the age of 43, I had my first pedicure. SERIOUSLY. I have no idea why I didn’t indulge before. I will miss my feet – rather, miss seeing BOTH of them. The photo is of one of my favorites. *sigh*. However, as God as my witness, I shall pedicure again!!